Hole #1 – Peninsula
This par 4 may prove more difficult than it appears. There are no fairway bunkers to worry about but a good drive will set up the more important approach shot to the green. The green is elongated and narrow, protected by wetlands to the left and behind and two greenside bunkers collecting approach shots that bail out to the right.

Hole #2 – Big Oak
Simply put, a solid par-3!  Depending on your tee box you can see wetlands in front of you and left of the fairway plus deep, treacherous bunkers left and right. It’s not overly long but a large green with a tier that bisects the front portion of the green from the back can make this hole a challenge.

Hole #3 – Two Soldiers
This is a long hole but par or better can be achieved. The fairway is huge and a drive that nestles between the steep-walled bunkers on the right and the old oak tree on the left is where you want to be! Options await the second shot with a pond lurking on the right and bunkers on the fairway left. The green sits ominously close to this same pond and another large bunker runs up the left side of the green makes your third shot to the green of utmost importance.

Hole #4 – River’s Edge
This par 4 may test some nerves. The fairway runs adjacent to a pond along the left side of the landing area. The sea of sand at the back of the landing area makes the green appear to be floating on an island. Bailing out from the pond forces the player to carry more of the bunker than a drive that challenges the water. Par is a great score.

Hole #5 – Serpentine
This par 3 is the longest on the course.  The large green is saddled with a deep “coffin” style bunker on the right and a back left bunker that is hidden. The green is open in front to allow a long iron or wood to run onto the green surface. There is a wetland that meanders to the front and left of the green, but there is plenty of room to miss the green and still save par.

Hole #6 – Divided Ridge
There’s plenty of room for your driver on this medium-long par-4, but be careful of the large oak tree that directs the tee shot to the left or right side of the hole. The options from the tee make this a wonderful golf hole. A pinpoint iron is required to find the small, oval-shaped green guarded by a wetland on the right and bunkers on the left. The fairway landing area is probably the largest on the course, but anything up the left side will be blocked out by the cascading ridge that bisects the second half of the hole.

Hole #7 – To the Left
The large landing area is broken up with two sets of “eyeballs” looking back at you. Avoiding these randomly placed bunkers is crucial to carrying the sliver of wetland on the approach shot to the green. The swales, on the left and right, highlight the pedestal green framed by a beautiful backdrop of mature pines, oaks, and palms. Estuary 7 is one of the most beautiful and challenging par 4’s in River Strand!

Hole #8 – Estuary Bluff
No time for a breath. This par 4 is certainly no pushover and although the yardage indicates it’s shorter than its two predecessors, it’s typically into the wind, so hit it hard!  A big drive needs to hover near the pond, beyond the long bunker that is located on the left between the pond and fairway landing area. Bunkers protect the green on the left and right and from a distance make the green appear closer than it truly is. This small green has several strategic cupping areas that require precision in the approach shot to achieve par. Bogey is a good score if the wind is blowing.

Hole #9 – Rectangle
Don’t be right! The largest of all the ponds on the course runs the entire length of the hole. The 150-foot wide fairway bottlenecks beyond the landing area between a large cross bunker and the pond. Carrying the cross bunker will afford the player a perfect view down into the uniquely shaped, rectangular green. An “L” shaped rectangular bunker fits harmoniously into the front left corner of the green. The cup is still a circle, so birdie is definitely possible on this par 5!