Hole #1 – Awakening
Don’t let the lack of bunkers fool you as this par 4 offers its challenges but sand is not one of them. The irregular shaped mounding that frames the left side of the hole bleeds into the fairway in several spots and may provide some interesting lies for the approach shot to the green. A strong face that runs perpendicular to the pond sets up the strategic angle that the green rests within. The large mound back right ties into the green seamlessly and can be used to help guide a ball to a back left pin.

Hole #2 – Long Water
A strong par 5 that is set against a beautiful backdrop of mature trees. The first landing area is deceivingly wide across the back of the fairway target bunkers. From there, the fairway scissors around a group of bunkers to the front right of the second landing area, and then pinches down to about 40 feet between the mammoth cross bunker at the back of the second landing area. The kidney-shaped green is closely guarded by a pond to the left. Playing smart will yield a par at this classic!

Hole #3 – Pick Your Poison
The lateral bunker in the left center of the landing area of this par 4 creates an ominous presence for all players. If this bunker is not challenged, the next shot must go over water to the elevated green. The green slopes hard right toward the water so a shot to the green below the pin is ideal.

Hole #4 – Waves
The two bunkers that front the green on this par 3 look wonderful to the eye but their only function is to create distraction and confusion. There’s plenty of room to run the ball onto the sprawling green with a large open fairway between the fore bunkers and the front of the green. Don’t miss it left! A watery grave awaits a wayward approach shot.

Hole #5 – Gambler
This very tricky par 4 may have players of all skill levels shaking their heads. The pond along the right sets up the fairway’s angle but the ideal tee shot will need to shoulder up to the large bunker on the left side of the fairway. Keeping the driver in the bag may be the choice, as a wetland on the right and a series of moguls and hollows on the left will swallow up most shots that are slightly offline. Two bunkers protect the front side of the small green and trees and wetlands guard the right and left sides. This is certainly one of the shortest par 4’s but the birdie will need to be earned.

Hole #6 – Jump'n Mullet
Two deceptive target bunkers should be avoided on this par 4 to have a realistic shot of reaching the putting surface and creating a birdie opportunity. This hole sits within the most natural setting of the property. A beautiful collection of hardwoods and pines frames the left side of the hole and the green complex. A large greenside bunker on the left and a swale that bisects the green from the back right to front left add additional challenges to this hole.

Hole #7 – Masked Bandits
This par 3 lays on the land like a glove on a hand.  A large bunker guards the right side of the hole from tee to green. However, there is plenty of room at the front of the green to carry the large bunker and run the ball onto the putting surface. The deep bunkers short left and behind the green are strategically placed to catch errant shots.

Hole #8 – Stayin Alive
This is another memorable par 4. The fairway bunkers are an extension of the swale that cuts through the back center of the fairway. The fairway plateau on the right is enticing but it requires a long carry over the corner of the pond that runs down the right side of the fairway. Bailing out left will leave a longer approach shot over the bunkers that block the foreground of the green. 

Hole #9 – Reachable
Homeward bound! A birdie or even an eagle would end the round on a great note on this short par 5. The fairway meanders around the wooded tributary on the left and a pond on the right. A strategically placed bunker between the first and second landing areas will certainly come into play after a poor tee shot. The long, linear green is closely guarded with a trench bunker to the left and two bunkers on the right.