What is Chelsea?   Chelsea Tee Time System is both a phone/ internet based system that is designed to set up course tee times in a fair and consistent manner. Tee times can be requested through the Chelsea system up to 14 days in advance.  Four days prior to your requested time, Chelsea will send you an email with your exact time.  Members are responsible for entering their own requests; staff is not able to make requests from the pro shop phone.  Chelsea is available to serve the membership 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I log into Chelsea?  There will be a link on our website www.riverstrandgolf.com for Chelsea.  When you log in use your member number and your initial password for everyone is River1.  This will be your password until you go in and change it.

When are the Chelsea Tee Sheets processed?  Tee Sheets are processed on the following days.  At 10:00 am each member/player will receive an email confirmation of their assigned tee time.  At that point, any changes to your assigned tee time will have to be made directly through the golf shop.  Inside of 4 days, tee times and changes to tee times can still be made online up until 24 hours prior to day of play.

  • Sundays tee sheet is processed on Wednesday @ 10am
  • Mondays tee sheet is processed on Thursday @ 10am
  • Tuesdays tee sheet is processed on Friday @ 10am
  • Wednesdays tee sheet is processed on Saturday @ 10am
  • Thursdays tee sheet is processed on Sunday @ 10am
  • Fridays tee sheet is processed on Monday @ 10am
  • Saturdays tee sheet is processed on Tuesday @10am

How many numbers should my member number be?  Depending on your membership type it will be your member number plus 0 or a 1,2, 3, 4,etc at the end of your number.  Always put the suffix after you enter your member number.  (Example; your member number is 1234 when entering Chelsea it would be 12340 or 12341.)  

  • Residents – You will have a five digit Chelsea Number.  Use your member number with the suffix “0” for men “1” for women and “2” for your first child, “3” for your second and so on.
  • Interim Members – You will have a five digit Chelsea Number.  Use your member number you are assigned add the suffix of “0” for a man “1” for women and “2” for your first child, “3” for second and so on.
  • Transfer members – You will have a six digit Chelsea Number.  Use your member number assigned to you will start with a “9”, when entering Chelsea add the suffix for “0” for a man and “1” for a women, “2” for you first child, “3” for second and so on after your member number.  Transfer member assumes the points from the homeowner.  

If I am a booking on the Chelsea tee sheet am I charged a point?  You will receive one point when you request a time.   Walk-ons on the day of play will not be issued a point.  All requested times after 3pm will be charged half a point (.5).

How does the system determine where my tee time request is placed? Chelsea looks at group composition first and then at average play total.

Average play total
The system takes the average play total of the entire group.  For example:

Player 1 Points-0         Player 2 Points-3.1      Player 3 Points-2.7      Player 4 Points-0

This total = 5.8.  5.8 is then divided by 4 to give a total of 1.45.  The system will put your group in priority order according to this total.  Groups with lowest team average will be placed first by the system.  When groups are linked together the system will figure an average taking into account the points of all members in the entire link.

Linking Teams
If you have more than 1 group of players that would like to play together, you may want to consider “Linking” the group.  You can link up to 4 groups together.  If you link groups together when Chelsea calculates the priority for the day to assign tee times it will calculate the average of the entire linked group rather than the individual groups.  This average is then used to determine the rank order for the linked group. 
If you link groups during the busy season be sure to select the option to “Break the link”.    As an example,  If you have 4 groups linked together and when your assigned rank comes up there are only 3 tee times available, if you have selected to “Break the link”  three of the groups will get the last 3 tee times and only 1 will get bumped.  If you have NOT selected to break the link and only 3 times are available, it will bump all 4 groups since there were not 4 times available. 

What is “preferred placement”?  Preferred placement is a methodology whereby members receive tee times.  At River Strand, the method of Preferred Placement used is “team size and composition combined with play history”.

Team Size and Composition – Tee times will be placed as follows:

  • 2 to 4 player teams based on total team point composition.
  • Single player requests will fill the remaining available spots.

Play History
Placement is based on the last 14 days.  The Chelsea system assigns 1 point per player at placement and the point will be issued to you at the end of the day you play.  Members with guests will receive one point for each sponsored guests.  These totals are added to the members point total. Total number of rounds a member played plus guest plays with in the last fourteen (14) days is added for an aggregate team total.  The total is then divided by the number of players in the team.
Example:  Today's date is October 1st.
Number of plays charge between 10/01 and 10/14
Member A - 5
Member B - 0
Member C - 10
Member D - 5
TOTAL - 20
Divided by # of players = 4  / Average Team Total = 5

The team with the lowest average team total gets placed first within their team composition priority, the second lowest second, and so on.  Two teams with the same average number of plays are decided by random numbers assigned by the computer.

Am I charged points for participating in Member Events?  No, members participating in club events, such as Men’s, Ladies’, Couples, and other club sanctioned events will not be assessed any points to their play history.  You will be able to sign up for these events in the pro shop only.  To be eligible for any of the associations you must pay a mandatory handicap fee in the Golf Shop and appropriate League Association Dues.

How does the system handle duplicate sign-ups?  Duplicate sign-ups will be rejected at the time of the attempt.

Can I make a tee time for walking?  Walking is permitted at no charge for a member after 3:30 pm until the time change on March 8th,  It will be moved back to 4:30pm.   A walking tee time can be requested like any other tee time, but only after 4:30pm; each member will be charged a half point (.5) for a requested walking time.  You can also make a walking tee time day of play and not be charged any points.    

How do guests count in the system?  You are charged one point for each guest through Chelsea. When you sign up a guest they will be placed under your Chelsea number. Please make you are in the Captains spot and make sure to put their full name when signing them up.  Each member may have up to three guests when making a tee time request, no un-sponsored guests will be allowed to make a request or a booking. A member must be playing in the group with their guests.

Bonus Points
For every 1 hour that your actual time was away from the time you requested, (.1) Chelsea point is deducted from the point that you accumulate for that round.  For example:  If you request a 10:00 tee time and the tee time that you got was 1:00 each player in that group would accumulate (.7) Chelsea points.  1 point - .1 points for each hour away from the time you requested which in this case would be .3 = .7 Chelsea points.

When the tee sheet is processed for a particular day, if there are more tee times requested than are available, the groups that get “bumped” are put on an over-flow list for that day.

The groups are put on the over-flow list will be ranked in order based on the Chelsea point average for the group.  If and when there are cancellations for that day the golf shop staff will call the groups on the over-flow list in rank order to see if they are interested in the available time.   If the golf shop staff is unable to reach a member of a group on the over-flow list, they will move to the next group.  

Is there any advantage to placing a request right at 14 days out over placing the request just before Chelsea is processed?  No, it does not matter when your request is placed in the system as long as it’s before the tee sheet is populated 4 days out.  

Why do I need to remember my confirmation number?  When the tee sheet is placed, Chelsea will send you and email with your time and confirmations number.  It is very important not to lose your confirmation number.  Your confirmation number allows the player and the staff to access the information of your request, booking or cancellations. Without your confirmation number you have no record of making contact with the system and we will have difficulty assisting you with any problems that you might have.


No Show and Cancellation Policy:

Members are responsible for checking the Chelsea Tee Time System for their tee times.  If a situation arises where the member and/or guest cannot make their tee time; the member is responsible for notifying the Golf Shop 24 hours in advance of their starting time.  Depending on the circumstances, failure to timely cancel a tee time may result in a mandatory charge of the current Golf Cart Rate plus tax for eighteen or nine holes and the assessment of Chelsea points as may be appropriate.

Weather conditions
There will be no charges for rain days or frost delays that result in play not occurring.  All other weather related cancellations will be reviewed by the golf staff to determine outcome.  If for some reason we are on a frost delay, and have a sold out tee sheet, we will not push back your original start time to accommodate for the delay.  All morning times in the delay will not be able to play unless we can work you in with availability or a cancellation on the tee sheet. 

Guidelines for the Chelsea System can also be downloaded here.     

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